News / 17 Dec, 2018

Arkivum v5.1 includes integrated digital preservation completing creation of one platform to deliver safeguarding, preservation, usability and compliance

Following on from our announcement earlier in the year about our new Arkivum platform, our engineering team has done a superb job in building fully integrated digital preservation processing into our product offering. Customers can also benefit from our out-of-the-box recommended best practices on file formats for long term accessibility. This will help them speed ahead in their digital preservation projects whilst ensuring the safeguarding and usability of their data for the long term.


All data can be controlled and accessed securely by a user intuitive interface or through easy integration with your existing tools that you already have in place, if preferred. We’ve also made it easy for you to see only the data you need to, so you’re not overwhelmed with irrelevant information, and to restrict data access to selected users.


Our latest release focuses on delivering a more tailored, personal experience for our users and an improved way to manage your data, meeting new and emerging use cases. In addition to the above we’ve added a new landing page with notifications and status updates and also extended the standard set of reports available.

Arkivum v5.1 Dashboard

Arkivum v5.1 Dashboard


We’ve included a new simple drag and drop ingest mechanism for manual ingest of files or content management packages (pre-grouped content with metadata included) via the UI too.


New simple drag and drop for manual ingest of files or content management packages

New simple drag and drop for manual ingest of files or content management packages


Our next product release, Arkivum v5.2 builds upon these capabilities further to deliver workflows, more user controls and the ability to provide public access via AtoM (which we are very excited about). For more details on this or the next release, or any feedback/suggestions please contact us at

Sinéad McKeown

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