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IDC Analyst Report

Compliant data Management in Financial Services

Data volumes are growing at an exponential rate. IDC forecasts that the global datasphere will grow to 163ZB by 2025. As a result, today’s lean and highly optimized IT departments realize they will not be able to manage the onslaught of data demands placed on their business without the help of more advanced tools.” – Steven D’Alfonso, Research Director at IDC


In this report IDC provides insight into the following areas of concern:


  • What are the biggest challenges facing regulated industries with regard to long term data?
  • Why can’t I just put everything in the cloud? Surely that means my data is safe and compliant.
  • Is it safest to promote a “keep everything, delete nothing” process?
  • How can businesses ensure that regulators can get to the data they need when they need it and provide evidence to regulators that the data hasn’t been tampered with?
  • Would I need a big project team to focus on replacing and implementing new systems? I don’t have the budget to do this.


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We manage the data lifecycle requirements of financial services organisations operating in data-intensive, highly regulated markets worldwide


Compliance in financial institutions is evolving rapidly as compliance teams gain responsibility for increasingly large amounts of data, from a wide range of sources, across all departments and geographies. Arkivum Shield eliminates your silos to make data easy to search, collate and export securely for investigations and reporting. Dynamic handling of retention schedules means you can easily adopt, and stay a step ahead of, new regulatory requirements as they are introduced. By providing complete control over your data, including how long it is stored for, Arkivum Shield removes the unnecessary risk involved with storing data for longer than it is needed.

100% data integrity

Secure data export

Fully auditable lifecycle

IT teams

Increasing pressure to deliver more value with less resources means you are often left fire-fighting problems across your IT infrastructure rather than focusing on more interesting projects that add value to your business. Arkivum Shield removes data silos from across the lines of business and geographies you support, making it effortless for you to provide secure access to long-term data in an easily searchable and fully auditable way. By providing complete control over your data, including where it is stored and for how long, you can deliver superior long-term data management at a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to your business.

Remove data silos

Fully auditable lifecycle

Secure data export

Our Clients

Some of the world's most forward-thinking organisations work with Arkivum to manage their long-term data lifecycle requirements

IDC Analyst Connection

Why you need to get your data under management now ahead of the FinTech revolution

"If today's financial organisations do not efficiently manage their compliance data, the danger will be twofold: They will not be able to compete in the digital era, slowly ceding ground to more technologically advanced competitors, and worse, new regulations such as GDPR mean poor or outdated data management solutions will become a target for legal and financial penalties and some potentially high-profile litigation."

Steven D'Alfonso, Research Director, IDC Financial Insights

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